Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Think Green

In commemoration of Earth Day 2012,
Sukabumi - Indonesia.


A nonprofit - charitable - philanthropic music & video project

Music & Lyrics by: Harry K

Special thanks to:
Harry K,
Georgina Fairhead,
Gina Coles Management
fellow parents and students,
Alumni, our beloved teachers and staff,
Everyone involved, The Footage Contributors, and
everyone who shared this message around world. 
The words cannot express our gratitude for your
kind attention, teamwork and relentless support.
May all the effort contribute to the global nature preservation.

"Well done kids and all involved, I'm proud of you all!
Let's hope this song and your efforts reach the right ears 
and move the right people to action. Best wishes."

"....What an amazing project for such an important cause"
 David Schmerin - BottledVideo

"This video is beautiful. The children are amazing. 
Kiki - thank you for having the strength to carry this project through. 
You are an inspiration to us all. Harry's song deserves to be heard  throughout 
the world and you have made it possible for more people to hear it. 
Thank you for having the vision to use it. Thank you for caring for our world. 
My love goes to you all."
Gina Coles (Gina Coles Management)

"...Great job to everyone involved. I am so proud! "

"Wooooonderful video!!!! This is something to share !! 
Världen behöver komma tillsammans för att lyfta fram alla 
hundratals bra produkter och ideer som redan finns !!!"

"These children from Indonesia knows what's going on. They sing for change in how we interact with our Earth. Now why is it that adults can so easily ignore what's in front of them?" 
Climate Action

Upaya mereka patut diapresasi dan dicontoh.

"...Semoga terus memotivasi kita untuk berfikir dan bertindak untuk bumi yang lebih baik saat ini dan di masa yang akan datang. Selamat dan tetap semangat tuk sahabat-sahabat di Yuwati Bhakti. Salam adil dan lestari "
 "What a great video! Would be happy to share!" 

Yuwati Bhakti School presents a music video containing 
a message to all the inhabitants of the earth! 
Thank you YUWATI BHAKTI children for this beautiful song / video!

"Sweet video!"

"Well done to all the children and the incredible adults that help them make it possible."

Think Green on XS4GREEN
Think Green on GREENPRESS

Choir Recording & Video Production Committee:

Advisory Board: Sr. Caecilia Marjanti, OSU, Sr. Marita Din, OSU, Sr. Ann Hadjon, OSU, Sr. Maria Goretti, OSU, Georgina Fairhead, Gina Coles Management. Choir Coaches: Miss Yeny, Elly Susiati, Sarah Tureay, Verdinandus Ramayanat, Sr. Poldensia W. Likke, OSU. Producer: Kiki Assaf. Executive Producer: Agustinus Kuntadi. Associate Producer: Healty Maryati. Treasury: Lanty Wijaya, Hilaria Erna. Director: Kiki Assaf. Cam Persons: Kiki Assaf, Atjep Gunawan, Sigit Adhi Pramono, Arieffin Natawidjaja, Sebastian Karel Gamino. Choir Recorded at: GF Pro Studio Music Director: Rezky Ichwan,  Audio Recording Engineer/Operator: Rezky Ichwan, Bobby Gfpro, Kiki Assaf. Still Photography: Kiki Assaf, Bobby Poerwana, Sebastian Karel Gamino. Graphic Design: Kiki Assaf. Video Editing: Kiki Assaf.

Additional Footage by: 
- Phil Fried
- SlizerCro
- Kent Truog -
- Bottled Video -
- David McCarty -
- University of Idaho, College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Range Sciences Forest Products Department

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The Ozone Hole Inc. is a nonprofit a 501-(3)(C) organization dedicated to protecting the ozone layer, the climate and Earth's environment by educating and motivating the public through its internationally respected websites, and

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